The Jungle, Royal Deeside, Cairngorms, Guest House

The Jungle in the heart of Royal Deeside

No 45 is a guest house located in the village of Ballater.

Guests often admire the lovely mural of wild animals in one of our guest lounges but are puzzled as to why these exotic creatures have been painted on a wall in in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Most people would expect stags, foxes, badgers and other local wildlife to be depicted on our walls and do not know that No 45 was originally named ‘The Jungle’! 

We understand that our home was built around 1890 by a South African gentleman who decided to call it The Jungle because
of the large 1-acre garden which can still be enjoyed by guests today.

During the 1960’s students from Aberdeen’s Grays School of Art visited Ballater to paint the much-admired mural. It originally stretched right around the room but unfortunately previous owners have painted over some of it.

The property has changed purpose and name several times over the years but The Jungle can still be seen engraved into the gate posts and many locals still refer to us as ‘The Jungle’.

We love the history of our home and rely on information shared by neighbours and previous owners.   If you know anything about the history of No 45 please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! 

Alison & Les

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